Who is The Glass Link

About us

“Get a job or get a hobby” that was the challenge. Naturally I chose a hobby, wouldn’t you? Thus the challenge produced an accomplished stained glass artist. For fourteen years TheGlassLink has worked with individuals and groups to recreate their logos and symbols in stained glass, designed and produced custom requests, fashioned jewelry and much more. I enjoy sharing my skills and teaching others stained glass crafting.

As a hobbyist holding a full-time job, TheGlassLink allows inquisitive individuals, like you, to see my art and give you an opportunity to add color to your world or share the love.

Our Approach

Your customized stained glass project is unique and created by focusing on your requests. As a general rule of thumb, use the following guidelines to estimate the “average” price of a customized project.

Consider the dimensions of your project. Determine the square footage by measuring width (inches) x height (inches) then divide the total by 144. Multiply that number by $85. This is an estimated cost of your project. Keep in mind, the estimated cost will by slightly more based on the intricacy of your project.

Consider adding bevels, bevel clusters, buttons or special types of glass in your project, as well as, unique shapes that will enhance your piece.

All customized orders require a non-refundable 10% deposit.

TheGlassLink can assist with your design. A non-refundable design fee of $15 (per hour) is required. If you have an idea of your design or base your pattern on a pre-existing project, the average time for pattern design will be approximately two hours. 50% of the design fee will be applied toward the final cost of your project upon ordering.


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